It’s Time to Catch up on Baby Books!

I think 2012 should be the year everyone stops procrastinating and finally finishes those baby books!  How many times have you thought about getting your baby photos organized and put into books? And how many times have you started only to give up after a few pages?  To make matters worse, now you probably have two or three kids and and there is no way you have the time or energy to make keepsake books for all of them! Lucky for you, you know someone who loves making baby books. One of my main motivating factors for starting Birdwing Paper Designs is that I don’t want any child to grow up and not have a beautiful baby book.  Both of my kids have their own First Year scrapbook as well as a little story book that I created using all those baby photos.  My son is almost four and he already loves looking at pictures of himself as a baby and reading the story made just for him. My latest project that I have started for all you moms is a First Year Baby Book.  Here is a look at the kit I will be using to make it from Kitty Designs at

Kitty Designs

Kitty Designs

Here is a sample of the Baby Boy book:


Page 1

And this is how it is changed up for a Baby Girl book:


Page 1

With this photobook I am doing a similar process as with the 2012 Family photobook in that you can send me your photos every month so you don’t get overwhelmed by the thousands of photos of your baby(ies).  This is a 12 month project that will cover the first year of your baby’s life and you can start this any time you are ready. If you would like more information about this project, please email me: or leave a comment.  Let’s stop procrastinating and just get it done!! Leah

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