Retirement Photobook

When I first thought about what kind of photobook people would like to have made I thought of babies, weddings, year in reviews, vacations.  I never thought about making a retirement book until someone at my work was retiring and I was asked to put together a photobook for her.  What a great idea!

I had so many photos to work with and her graduation documents were even scanned so I could include them.  It ended up being an 8″x10″, 26 page photobook using the designs of Micheline Martin’s “The Classic First Year” kit.  I was also asked to leave empty pages for people to sign, but I just couldn’t leave the pages empty.  I took some random photos of the place she worked at, reduced the opacity of the photos to make them lighter for the background and it worked beautifully for writing on.

The book was presented at her retirement party last week and there were so many great comments from everyone about it.  A retirement photobook is such a great way to keep all the memories of your career and coworkers.


(I removed all of the photos from this project, but I think you still get the idea!)


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