December Daily

I saw this great idea on to do a scrapbook page every day for the month of December to highlight all the wonderful things you do for the Christmas season.  Thankfully I came across this Nov. 28 so I had time to think about this project before December arrived.  I looked at some ideas on Pinterest: and decided to to keep it simple since I have to find time to do a page every day.  Here is the page for today, December 9:

I wanted to post this picture of the wreath I made because I have had a few people ask how to make it.  I saw the idea for this yarn wreath with felt flowers in the Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Crafts issue.  Here is a link to the instructions on how to make it:  I also made one out of burlap for fall and it is much faster to cover the wreath in burlap than white yarn!!  I do love the look of the white yarn, so I am glad I invested the time to try it!


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