Winter Drink Recipe

I started this blog to help promote my photobook business and to share some of my scrapbooking layouts.  But sometimes I have unrelated topics to share and I couldn’t figure out if I should post them here or not.  Then it occurred to me, do a scrapbook layout incorporating what I want to share.  That will make it relevant to the purpose of this blog and I won’t be making this “Leah’s Favorite Crafts and Other Things” blog.  So here is my layout sharing a recipe that my father-in-law gave me.  He is a big believer in natural remedies and this drink helps fight off cold bugs when they first start.  I thought this would be the perfect thing to share on a cold (-27 C) Alberta winter day!

elements from Biograffiti and Stampin' Up

Tomorrow I will be announcing the new 2012 Family Photobook project, so please check back for details.


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