Old, “Worn” Family Photos

All elements from One Little Bird and Sahlin Studio

I have several friends right now that are coping with sick parents and I can’t help but think of my mom who passed away almost ten years ago.  It is very difficult to watch your mom or dad be sick and my heart goes out to those friends who have to go through that now.

I don’t know if it was coincidence with these thoughts of my mom, but I discovered an old CD of photos this week that had so many pictures of my mom and her family when she was young.  Then this new digital kit was released by One Little Bird and Sahlin Studio called “Worn” that I thought would be perfect to showcase some of these photos.  I loved it so much that I even changed up my blog a bit using these elements (checkout the “About” and “Contact” tabs).  I think this kit would make a great heritage album!  Here is a peak at the full kit:

A few years ago I went through the thousands of photos of my mom, my dad, their families plus all the photos of us kids growing up.  I made an album for each of my parents with as much history as I could dig up from my Dad and my cousin, Neath.  It took me six weeks to complete the albums as they were done by traditional paper scrapbooking.  I wish I had waited for digital scrapbooking because it would have taken me a lot less time!  Maybe I will end up making a photobook with my mom’s pictures or maybe you feel as inspired by this beautiful kit as I do and would like to make a heritage album for your parents.


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