Family Vacation Photobook

Do you take hundreds (or for some, thousands) of pictures when you are on vacation?  And what are you supposed to do with all those photos?  So much time can be spent organizing, tagging, and if you are lucky, editing.  To be honest, I hate doing all of that!!  I feel like I am wasting good scrapbooking time getting the photos ready!

So when our family returned from our vacation in Abbotsford and Vancouver, I was not looking forward to dealing with all those photos.  After looking at them, I decided to create a short (14 page), simple, easy photobook that would require very little organizing and editing. All of the pages have nine square photos and a few Viewfinder Frames (from Paislee Press) on each page.  I simply threw the unedited photos right into the pages and when I was done I went back and wrote little bits of info on some of the photos.  The cover was even simple with one photo spanning the front and back covers with a quick title.  This photobook only took 2 1/2 hours to complete, which, coincidently, is also the length of nap my kids had that day! I am expecting it back from the printers in another week and I am excited to see how it turned out.  For now, here is a little sample:


I hope that eases your fear of too many vacation photos and what to do with them!


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