5 More Days to Save on Photocards

Wow!  Did the end of October ever sneak up on me!  I can’t believe it is almost Halloween and before we know it, Christmas!  Speaking of Christmas, have you thought about your Christmas cards yet?  Now is the time to do it, not the beginning of December because by then it will be too late to get your photocards ordered!  And if you want to save some money, order your photocards from me and you will receive $5.00 off per pack of 25 cards if your order is placed before October 31, 2012.

All you have to do is email me (lfedynak@gmail.com) what card you are interested in, I will send you a link to upload your photo(s) and what info I need to complete the card, and that is it!   When the card is done I will email you a sample and if all is good it is sent to the printers.  Once I receive the printed cards, about three weeks later, I will let you know and arrange for pick up or delivery.  Now you can check that chore off your Christmas to do list!!  I decided to go with the Chalkboard Christmas for my own family this year:

I was very impressed with the quality of the photocards when they arrived back from the printers.  They look and feel great!  The cards are single sided which allows you to write your own sentiment on the back.  (TIP:  Don’t use a gel pen to write on the back, I used a fine tip Sharpie and it doesn’t rub off or smear.) I will use the photocards to mail out to family and friends, and also for decorating the front of Christmas gifts.

To ensure that the photocards arrive in time for mailing, I would recommend ordering no later than November 15, 2012.


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