Family Album 2013 Update

We are already 3 months into 2013 and  I thought I would show a few pages from my own family album for a little inspiration.  (The digital kit used in the layouts below is “Retrospective” from One Little Bird Designs.)

Usually my monthly pages are a collage of various photos I took over the month, but for March I highlighted two events: going to Star Wars Identities and our massive spring snow fall.

2013 Family Album

I had so many pictures from Easter that it required a full spread on its own.

2013 Family Album

Here is a page of my kids’ artwork.  I love the faces and people that Casey is starting to draw.  All of the people have little belly buttons, so cute!!  As Casey describes the pictures, “All the faces with falling down hair are girls and the ones with stand up hair are boys.”

2013 Family Album

Happy scrapbooking and happy spring!


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