I Want To Be This Old Forever


Today I celebrated my first 39th birthday!  I have no problem telling everyone how old I am because I am still in my thirties and that is where I shall remain forever.  This decade has been good to me:  I met my husband, had two beautiful kids, met some great people who have become close friends, enjoyed ten years of work at the cancer center, and embarked on what will hopefully be my future career.  I am, however, not too keen on the big 4-0, so I would like to celebrate my 39th birthday every year from now on!!

My birthday celebrations started last Saturday with a fantastic dinner at a Rge Rd where my husband and I enjoyed sharing the evening with good friends.  We opted for the Rge Rd Trip which was a six course dinner selected by the chef.  It was the most amazing meal I have had in years!  I love being surprised with every course and I like how everyone at the table discusses the dishes like we are a bunch of food critics (which we are not, we just watch a lot of Masterchef).

Then Sunday was a barbecue and birthday celebration for myself and Jason’s Aunt who also shares her birthday today.  Jason was all sneaky about the cake and left early in the morning to pick it up on the opposite side of town.  I was stunned at how awesome this cake was and that it was his idea to make it a Swarovski inspired cake.  I love Swarovski (and so does his Aunt) and have been collecting it since I was a teenager, so this cake was perfect!!

IMG_20130915_124418 IMG_20130915_124456


This morning was like a regular morning, but with gifts:  spa gift card, Starbucks coffee, and a butterfly book mark.  I went downstairs to start tackling my new course (more to come about that at a later date) and I was so surprised that Google remembered my birthday!!  It really is the small things that can make me happy!

google bday

The rest of the day was normal busy Mom business with school, laundry, dishes, groceries, snotty noses, and spilled juice.

The kids started gymnastics and it was the first time in three years I didn’t have to participate in a parented class.  I was allowed to relax in the viewing area and just watch!!  I was a little emotional watching my babies get so independent.


We rushed home from gymnastics to find Jason barbecuing T-bone steaks and corn for dinner.  My favorite supper!!  The final exciting treat for my birthday was a trip to the salon to get my haircut.  This was the first time all day that I had been able to slow down and relax!!


(I know I have gone through this whole post without a single scrapbook page, just photos.  It was either make a layout and post it or relax on the couch with my husband.  You can take a guess at which one I chose!)

Maybe  next year I will be able to find more time to myself as I celebrated turning 39 again!


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