Ink Splattered Cards

In my daily life I prefer my spaces to be organized and free of clutter.  This trait also spills over into my crafting life where not only do I like my crafts sorted, colour coded, and put into the correct box, but I also like to make contemporary cards with clean lines and patterns.

But sometimes it is fun to break out of that tidy personality and create something a little messy – like these fun, ink splattered cards.

Ink Splattered Cards - Birdwing Paper Designs

Creating splatter paintings is the kids favourite art project in the summer, and, to be honest, I find it quite fun too!  So I decided to create some splatter paintings on a smaller scale and use them as the background paper for birthday cards.

To start, I gathered a selection of ink colours, placed a few drops of each colour onto a plastic lid, and thinned out the colours with a bit of water.  Using the Aqua Painters from Stampin’ Up, the tip of the brush was dipped in one colour and gently tapped over top of the watercolour paper.  The ink splattered into little, random drops all over the paper.  This was repeated with the remaining colours until the paper was covered.

Ink Splattered Cards - Birdwing Paper Designs

I loved this look because it reminded me of confetti and sprinkle covered birthday cakes!  With that in mind, it was time to turn this party-inspired paper into a birthday card.

The first card created with this colourful background was a simple card with only a few gold embellisments.

Ink Splattered Cards - Birdwing Paper Designs

Ink Splattered Cards - Birdwing Paper Designs

By not covering up too much of the ink splatters, the paper can be the star of the card.

The second card was glammed up with a bit of recycled glitter.  The gold glitter paper with “happy” cut out of it was salvaged from the recycling bin at one of our monthly craft nights.  I just couldn’t let all that fabulous glitter get thrown away!

Ink Splattered Cards - Birdwing Paper Designs

Ink Splattered Cards - Birdwing Paper Designs

I love how the ink splatters show through the negative of the glitter paper!

Now it will be the kids’ turn…  they have a few birthday parties coming up and would love to make some ink splattered cards for their friends.  I can’t wait to see what they create!


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