How to Use Random Photos

I was stuck for a scrapbook subject for this weeks Project 52 page.  So I took a picture this morning of my two little helpers while breakfast was cooking and planned on doing a page of Saturday morning activities.  When I looked at the photos I had from the past few weeks I realized I had a bunch of cute random photos that needed to be used and the one I took this morning would fit right in.  I titled it “Random Goofy Moments” and it truly reflects that.  We have a lot of goofy moments in this house, but they are usually over before the camera is turned on.  I think it is important to remember all the different moments in a year, not just the ones where you are dressed up!  With that thought, I am going to try to do a page in the near future on the bad, noisy moments that give me a headache just so I can remember in ten years what it was like to have a one and three year old!!


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