Wall Art for Grandparents

I have had some great feedback on the wall art projects and one of the suggestions was to make one for grandparents with pictures of all the grandkids.  This project can take up to eight black and white photos and for this example I just used photos of our family.  I think I may have to make one for my dad with all of his grandkids!  The accent colour can also be changed to almost any colour to suit your decor. This page will also be $25.00 for a 12″ x 12″ size.

elements from Stampin' Up and Micheline Martin's "The Classic First Year", layout idea from Paislee Press

Another suggestion I had was to have the pages printed on canvas so they can be hung directly on the wall.  I have been looking into this and decided to try placque mounting.   I will let you know how it turns out and if I will be adding this option to the pages.

Have a great week!!


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