Planes, Mostly Trains, and Automobiles

“Small Talk” from Fei Fei’s Stuff and TaylorMade Designs, buttons, tape, and candles from Stampin’ Up.

Casey celebrated his fourth birthday on May 26 with a backyard party and a few friends.  A month ago he said he wanted a cars theme for his party and then just two weeks ago he changed his mind to trains after we saw Thomas the Tank Engine in Calgary.  I had no idea if I should stick to the cars theme or change it to trains!  I was looking for ideas on Pinterest when I saw a planes, trains, & automobiles party from and knew my problem was solved.  Although I think the party did lean more toward trains than cars and planes, but that is just because we have so much Thomas stuff already!

Here are a few pictures of the decorations, paper craft, cake, and party favours:


All of the work it takes to organize a birthday party at home is worth it when you see the kids excited and having so much fun.  The biggest reward was the quiet home an hour after the party when Mom, Dad, Casey, and Robyn all fell asleep with exhaustion!!



3 thoughts on “Planes, Mostly Trains, and Automobiles

  1. Great photos Leah! We all enjoyed ourselves so much, and Natalie is still talking about a playdate so she can play with Casey’s new toys!


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