Vintage Dollhouse

I call everything we find at my father-in-law’s house “vintage”.  He has kept everything that Jason and his sisters have ever owned, so when we go over there looking for old toys we are rarely disappointed.  I had been on the hunt for a doll house for Robyn’s second birthday and it finally occurred to me that we should search Grandpa Fedynak’s basement.  We found so many old toys (which I will tell you about after Robyn’s birthday) and I knew we were getting close when we found a bag of doll house furniture.  After half an hour of searching we finally found it and the doll house was in great shape for being 30 years old!

I spent many nights in the last few weeks “renovating” the doll house.  I replaced all the floors and wall paper using the “My Sweet Pea” collection of paper, and made new decorations with leftover die-cuts from the “At Home” scrapbook kit all from Stampin’ Up.  (The paper was actually leftovers from Robyn’s First Year scrapbook.)  The paper on the floors were covered with clear MACtac so they can be wiped if needed.  The furniture in the house was a gift from Uncle Tom and Aunt Georgia and was from Chapters.  I could have bought the matching doll house, but it was a bit too expensive.  Besides, this little house has way more charm and love put into it!!

Happy Birthday Robyn!


2 thoughts on “Vintage Dollhouse

  1. I love how you personalized it for Robyn! I can just picture her poking her head in there and being delighted that her picture is hanging on the wall!


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