Robyn’s Vintage Birthday

Elements from “Small Talk” by TaylorMade Designs and Fei Fei’s Stuff, ribbon and staple from Stampin’ Up.

I didn’t plan on having a “vintage” birthday for Robyn, it just happened.  And it wasn’t the party that was vintage, but most of her presents.  As talked about in my previous post, she got a refurbished 30 year old doll house that we found in Jason’s Dad’s basement.  Well, that basement is filled with toys from the seventies and eighties, and we found a few other gems down there.  We found lots of colourful My Little Ponies that just needed a good cleaning and hair combing, and we also found the cutest wooden Snoopy dog!

Robyn loves that Snoopy dog and pulls him all over the house.  There was only one vintage item from my side of the family and that was a beautiful dress that my Mom had made for my niece, Pam, when she was two.  Pam is now fourteen and we are so lucky that Auntie Liz saved all the clothes my Mom made for Pam.

Robyn looked so sweet in this dress (as seen in the photos above), like a little princess!

I am so glad that our birthday season is over and that I don’t have to worry about planning any more parties for a little while.  Now I can just relax and enjoy our summer!


More samples from Two Thousand and Twelve album here.

2 thoughts on “Robyn’s Vintage Birthday

  1. Awww…how sweet! Looks like you guys had a great time, wish we could have been there with you to celebrate! Hopefully we’ll see you sometime soon.


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