A Super Birthday for Two Super Kids

A Super Birthday PartySuper Bday InviteI am excited to finally share this super birthday party that I created for our kids.  Their birthdays are only a week apart, so this year I decided to do one big party at our local gymnastics club.  Both kids are into superheroes right now (What preschooler isn’t?) so the party theme was a no brainer.  Plus, what superhero doesn’t need gymnastics to learn all those super moves?!!

The inspiration for all the party décor was from my husband’s comic book collection.  When I asked him if I could use some of his comics for party decorations he gave me a horrified look.  There was no way he was going to let me cut up his precious comics!  So off I went to the flea market and the antique mall in search of cheap comics to use and, to my surprise, there is no such thing as a “cheap comic”.  In desperation I managed to convince my husband to let me use 8 of his comic books that were not in pristine condition and I think his heart broke with each cut of the scissors!

Welcome Superheroes

All superheroes need a mask to hide their identities and wristbands filled with magic powers, so I made a set for each guest that we handed out at the beginning of the party.  I decided to be like Mr. Incredible and forgo the cape!

(I used some awesome free printable tags found here.)

Masks and WristbandsAfter an hour of gymnastics, the superheroes deserved some treats and cake.  (I was too busy during the party to take any decent photos, so I took these pictures today with the leftovers!)

Party DecorationsI saw this idea of using a picture of the birthday boy (and girl) here and knew I had to make it for the food table.  (I was also inspired to decorate the cake like the one in the link, but it was a bit of a disaster and I will not be posting that photo!)


In addition to the masks and wristbands, each guest had a colouring craft to take home with them as well as a fun Slapwatch.  My husband also cringed at the favors wrapped in the comic book covers!

Party Favors

The kids had a great time at the party, at least that is what I was told as I didn’t have time to take notice!!  Next year we will be back to having small parties in the backyard!


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