Summer is now here!

This last weekend I knew summer had finally arrived.  I was out in the garden while the kids were riding their new bikes and we all heard the familiar sound of the Fort Edmonton Park train tooting its horn.  Casey has a keen ear for train sounds and knew what it was immediately.  “When can we go see it?”, he asked and I knew if I delayed taking him I would hear about it until we went.  So I told him, “In 5 more sleeps, Casey.”

Digital elements from One Little Bird Designs, Paislee Press, Stampin' UP.

Digital elements from One Little Bird Designs, Paislee Press, Stampin’ Up.

To be honest, I was pretty excited to go too.  Some of my favorite moments with the kids are at Fort Edmonton Park and we have such a great time there.  We always pack a picnic lunch and sit in our favorite spot so we can watch the train and the horse carriages go by.

I always learn something new or spot something I had never seen before.  Today I saw this sign as we entered one of the churches:


This sign is so true…  a real gentleman will mind their manners.  I must remember to teach this to Casey and Robyn especially when they start dating!!

If you haven’t been to Fort Edmonton Park lately, you should check it out this summer and don’t forget the picnic lunch.



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