A Toothless Grin

Now that the kids are no longer babies there haven’t been as many milestones to document, just the everyday moments.  But last Friday Casey met a huge milestone – he lost his first tooth!

Digital elements from "Huntington" by Paislee Press, "Clearly There" by Kaye Winiecki, and Stampin' Up.

Digital elements from “Huntington” by Paislee Press, “Clearly There” by Kaye Winiecki, and Stampin’ Up.

We would have been more excited for him, except he came to wake us up at 5 o’clock in the morning to show us.  I know this moment has been coming, yet I did nothing to prepare for it.  The Tooth Fairy would be coming the next evening and I had no idea how we were going to celebrate her arrival.  I have thought about making a special pillow and spent the morning on Pinterest for inspiration.  I was also curious to know what the Tooth Fairy did with all the teeth she collected, so I had to spend some to researching that too!

Tooth Fairy Bag Since I didn’t have a lot of time, I decided to forgo the pillow and made a simple bag to hold the tooth that Casey could slip under his pillow.  He just wanted to put his tooth directly under the pillow, but I thought it would be easier for the Tooth Fairy to find the tooth if it was in a cute little bag.  Casey was concerned that she wouldn’t know it was in the bag, so I put a big felt tooth on the front that she couldn’t miss.  The instructions for sewing the tooth are from Martha Stewart.

While I had all the supplies out, I made a bag for Robyn too so I will be much more prepared for her first tooth!

As we were putting Casey to bed that night he said he needed to write the Tooth Fairy a letter.  We had just finished reading a story called Silverlicious and he wanted to ask for a little candy just like in the book.  He can only write his name and draw pictures so I had to be his secretary and write the note for him.  He tucked the letter just under his pillow along with the little pouch that had his tooth and waited for the Tooth Fairy to arrive.

Tooth Fairy KeepsakeThe next morning Casey was standing by our bed again, but this time he has showing us the two coins and a gummy the Tooth Fairy left for him. He also had a little container with a note that read:

To Casey, I was so excited when I heard you lost your first tooth.  This is a very special tooth so I want you to keep it as a reminder to always take care of you teeth. The Tooth Fairy.

How sweet of the Tooth Fairy to let him keep his first tooth!  She must know how sentimental Casey’s mom is.  It fit perfectly in his tin of baby keepsakes.

What does your family do to prepare for a visit from the Tooth Fairy?  And what do you think she does with all those teeth?!


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