A Reversible Vacation Photobook

This summer we took two mini roadtrips to the mountains spending three days visiting Banff in June and three days exploring Jasper in September.  Casey was a baby when he was last in the mountains and Robyn had never been, so it was time to get the kids off the prairies and experience some new sights.  It seems wrong that we live four hours from these world renowned destinations and we rarely visit!

Our first mini roadtrip, to Banff, started out with rain but cleared the second day to allow us to take lots of photos of the stunning scenery.  I wanted some nice pictures of the kids and, hopefully, us as a family.  Unfortunately, the kids don’t always want their pictures taken and on this trip it was a struggle!  Thank goodness the mountains can’t make goofy faces so at least we had good pictures of those!

Banff Cover

Banff Photobook

Banff Photobook

Banff Photobook

My favorite part of this book is the panoramic pages I created by combining a series of photos taken at the top of the gondola in both Banff and Jasper.  I then labeled the mountains, rivers, lakes, and points of interest so I can easily refer back to it when I forget the name of river we spent two hours throwing rocks into.

Banff Photobook

Our second trip, to Jasper, was a different story as far as the kids taking pictures is concerned.  Every photo Casey and Robyn were posing and smiling like little models!  We even managed to get a great shot of all four of us on the top of Whistlers Mountain, thanks to a nice couple who took the photo for us.  (I will be using that one for our Christmas cards which I will post next week.)

Jasper Cover

I was brave enough to let Casey start using my nice DSLR camera and he took some great, in focus and centered pictures.  With Casey busy using the good camera, Robyn was able to take LOTS of photos with the old one.  We had many pictures of trees, rocks, and signs!

Jasper Photobook

Jasper Photobook

Jasper Photobook

As you can see, our pictures were quite similar on the two trips so I thought it would be a good idea to combine the photos and just make one photobook.  But how would I keep the photos and stories separate and what picture would go on the front?  It finally occurred to me…  a reversible photobook!  The front cover has a beautiful picture of Bow Falls in Banff and the other (back cover) has a photo from Mount Edith Cavell in Jasper.  The Banff part of the book is 14 pages and when you get to the end of it, the next page is the end of the 12 page Jasper book upside down.  That is the cue to close the book, flip it around, and now the Jasper cover is the front!  It is like having two books in one!

The idea of combining two books in one could be used for vacations, kids’ birthdays, bridal shower/stagette, or any two events that are closely related.  What two events would you showcase in a reversible photobook?


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