Time for Christmas Crafts

For the last two weeks I had big plans… to do nothing!  I wanted to take a break from the digital and paper crafting world and let my creative mind have a little vacation.  But it is not easy to stop the flow of ideas and I have so many projects that I want to start.  I had some great plans for Christmas photo book projects: December Daily album, chronicles of our Elf on a Shelf, the stories of our tree ornaments, but those all got moved to the side when we decided to buy a new computer.

Last month I mentioned to my husband that maybe we should look into getting a better computer in the new year. I should have known better because the very next day he was at the store researching computers, and a week later we bought it!  Merry Christmas to us! So for the last ten days I have been spending my time learning how to use this awesome new computer and transferring files from the old one.  Needless to say, there was no time to start any  of those photo book projects, but I will hang on to the ideas for the future.

Since it is that time of year to get ready for Christmas, there were a few craft projects I really wanted to do.  I saw this tutorial on Pinterest for a glitter letter garland and thought it would be perfect for our tree.  I had most of the supplies on hand and it only took a couple of hours to cut out all the letters and string them together.  I love how it looks on the tree!


The kids are also into Christmas crafts and ask everyday for a new one.  They have already painted wooden tree ornaments, put together the foam gingerbread men (and women), helped me with a fabric strip garland, and beaded candy cane decorations.  Yesterday’s project was a cute foam reindeer head that I found at Michaels.  Unfortunately, it was a little difficult for them to do on their own and required a lot of Mom’s help.

Reindeer Games by Birdwing Paper Designs

Digital Elements from “Evergreen” by One Little Bird Designs.

It is only December 4 and I am already running out of ideas on how to keep these kids busy during the cold and snowy afternoons.  I don’t want to start the Christmas baking yet because we will just end up eating it.  And with the temperatures feeling like -28 C, going outside to play just isn’t an option.  If there are any great crafts or activities to keep cooped up children happy this winter, please feel free to share them in the comments section.

Stay warm this week!


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