A Successful Craft Sale

The title of this post says it all!  The craft sale on Saturday was a great success and that was not based solely on how much product was sold, but also the festive, neighborly atmosphere in the hall.  It was truly an enjoyment to visit with people from the neighborhood and show them what I have been working on for the past six months.  Most people didn’t know I  made photobooks and paper crafts, so it was good exposure for the business.  I also made some great connections with the other vendors and even had time to do a little shopping and support other tables.

I wasn’t sure how busy the craft sale was going to be this year because it snowed the night before and continued to snow all day.  This was the view as I trekked to the hall to set up my table in the morning:


It was a beautiful sight to see the snow covered trees, but I was glad to be inside all day.

I started setting up my table the night before with the help of Casey and Robyn, and finished it in the morning about 5 minutes before the sale began.  I just had enough room to fit all my product!!



Please excuse me for the bad photos, but it was such a hectic morning that I forgot to bring the DSLR camera and had to settle for my phone’s camera .  Luckily, the camera was the only thing I forgot!

All of the paper crafts (cards, gift tags, gift boxes, and ornaments) were handmade by myself.  The best seller of the day was the gift tags (seen above hanging from the branches)  followed by the glittery star cards.  No one can resist a pretty card covered in glitter!!  The leftover product will be used as gifts for Christmas so all my hard work doesn’t go to waste!

I brought a few of my favorite photobooks and photocards to show as samples and ended up spending most of my time talking about the photobook process and digital scrapbooking .  There was also a lot of educating people on how to get their photos off their computer and into beautiful books.  So the craft sale was a success in my mind if I inspired at least one person to start a photobook of their own!

Now I am taking a crafting break for a week which I think is well deserved, but I will be back to discuss future projects for Christmas and, of course, the new year.


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