2014 Family Photo Book

Our family album for 2013 is finally finished and sent off to the printers.  This was the largest album I have ever made (50 pages) so I am curious to see how it turns out.  In past years, I have created 38-page yearly family albums but for 2013 I added 12 extra pages of the kids artwork.

If you are wondering,”Why does she only make books with 38 or 50 pages?”, it is because I print through Adoramapix and they only offer set number of pages (14,26,38, 50, and 76).  Or I should say “offered”.  Just last week they announced new photo book formatting and now you can order any number of pages you want.  Yay!!!

Now that we have started the new year it is time for a new family photo book.  A few weeks ago I released the winter edition of a free digital kit on Facebook called Hello 2014.  This kit, along with the future spring, summer, and fall editions, is what I will be using to create the family photo book for 2014.

2014 Family Photo Book Cover - Birdwing Paper Designs

I always like to do an introductory page in my books rather than just jumping right into the first month.

2014 Family Photobook - Birdwing Paper Designs

Since it is the end of January, there is only one page spread to share.  As the year progresses there will be more updates, of course!

2014 Family Photobook - Birdwing Paper Designs

Here is a close up of some of the elements on the pages:

2014 Family Photobook - Birdwing Paper Designs

2014 Family Photo Book - Birdwing Paper Designs

I love black and white photos but I rarely use them in my albums so the goal for this year is to include more of  those classic, neutral coloured photos.  Black and white photos is also a great way to include pictures that would otherwise clash with the digital kit elements as was the case in the above pictures with Jason and I.

The book will start off with 38 pages, but now that I am not limited we will see how big it is by the end of the year!  I have decided not to include separate pages of kids’ artwork, and opted to highlight only a few creations the kids are really proud of.

I can’t wait to see how this years family photo book progresses and evolves.   Check back each month for page updates and, of course, the seasonal digital kit releases for Hello 2014.


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