Our Last Minute Winter Vacation

My husband and I have discussed taking the kids to Disneyland many times over the last year, and we just couldn’t decide if we should go.  When would be the best time of the year?  Were the kids too young?  Did we have the extra money to spend?

We were discussing the topic again last month and realized we really needed to get away from the cold Alberta winter, the kids were the perfect age (almost 4 and 6), and we had enough money in our home renovation fund.  That night we booked the trip and were so excited to finally be having a dream family vacation to the happiest place on earth.

We left for Disneyland three weeks later hoping to catch “low season” at the park before spring break begins.

Birdwing Paper DesignsWe splurged a bit and stayed at the Disneyland Hotel and loved it there.  We were so close to Downtown Disney and the walk to the main gates of Disneyland was only 10 minutes (with young kids in tow).  There were also a few perks to staying at the resort: we saw Goofy all the time at the hotel, the kids had special mornings at Build-A-Bear and Ridemakerz, and the pool area was amazing.

IMG_1546We spent one full week in Disneyland and it was the best vacation we have ever had – it really is the happiest place on earth!!  It was made even better knowing we missed the coldest weather of the year back home (-40 C).

We just returned last week and I have been working hard getting all the photos organized and designing a new Disney-inspired digital kit that I can use for the inevitable photo book.

I will be posting layouts about our trip on the BWPD Facebook page all this week using the new Magical Vacation digital kit.  Here is the first layout…

Meeting Mickey Mouse - Magical Vacation digital kit from Birdwing Paper Designs…and to see more you really must check out the BWPD Facebook page or Pinterest.

Once the photo book gets started I will post some more pics and discuss more about the highlights of our trip.  Of course, stay tuned for a look at the full Magical Vacation digital kit.


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