New Release – 2014 Holiday Photo Cards

October is the time of year our family likes to prepare for winter by cleaning the yard, putting up the Christmas lights before it snows, making sure the kids have boots, jackets, and skates that fit, and saying goodbye to grandparents who spend the winter in Arizona.  It is also the perfect month to have family photos done and since we haven’t taken any for the last two years, this was the best time to do it.  Thankfully, our good friend, Roberta, of Baby Bee Photography is an amazing photographer and she took gorgeous pictures of our family.

October is also the time of year I like to design holiday cards.  This is the third year that I have designed a series of photo cards to offer to my clients and I am so proud to release the 2014 Holiday Photo Cards.  These cards use our family pictures from Baby Bee Photography, but they can easily be customized for most pictures and family name.  So without further procrastination, here they are:

Believe - available as 7x5 or 6x4

Believe – available as 7×5 or 6×4

This years collection was inspired by traditional holiday colours mixed with modern yellows and blues.  I love how the colours really pop yet don’t overwhelm the photos.  As a side note, I didn’t intend for the holiday cards to match our family photos, that was just a happy coincidence!  This is a great example of how digital design and fashion can influence each other!

Happy Holidays - available as 7x5 or 4x6

Happy Holidays – available as 7×5 or 4×6

In the scrapbooking world, hand written words and doodles are really popular and I wanted to try my own versions.  The “Merry Christmas” word art seen in the following card was created from my own handwriting and is part of a new digital kit I am working on called Handwritten Holidays.

Merry Christmas - available as 7x5 or 6x4

Merry Christmas – available as 7×5 or 6×4

When I was designing these cards I was in a bit of a glittery mood and could have put glitter on every single card!  I restrained myself a bit and only used glitter on the Merry Christmas card and this Happy New Year card seen below.

Happy New Year - available as 5x7 or 4x6 with custom colours

Happy New Year – available as 5×7 or 4×6 with custom colours

These last two cards (Happy New Year and Winter Wishes) are available as is or can be changed to accommodate custom colours.  Here is the original design for the Winter Wishes card:

Winter Wishes - available as 5x7 or 4x6 with custom colours

Winter Wishes – available as 5×7 or 4×6 with custom colours

And here is the same design with a new photo and custom colours:

2014 Holiday Photo Cards from Birdwing Paper Designs


I am not sure which design I want to choose for my own family cards, but I think it may be a choice between the Merry Christmas card and the Winter Wishes card.  What do you think?

For prices and more information on the 2014 Holiday Photo Cards, please email me at

All orders placed before October 30, 2014 will receive a 15% discount!  Don’t wait until the last minute to get your holiday photo cards done.  Be organized this holiday season and cross this item off your to-do-list well before December!


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