Alcohol Ink Transfer with Pearlescent Paper

Have you ever discovered a new technique because you made a mistake and tried to fix it? This happens to me every now and then, and when it does, it fills my heart with crafting joy!! One of my more recent discoveries was the effects created on Pearlescent Paper with Stampin’ Blends and a spritzer of alcohol: (read more about it here)

As I was playing around with this technique, I had way too much alcohol on the Pearlescent Paper and blotted it off with a piece of Basic White Cardstock. And at that moment, I realized I had discovered something new again… the alcohol and ink transferred to the cardstock along with the sparkles from the Pearlescent Paper!! It looked so cool!!

If you want to try this technique out yourself, here is how to create the effect:

STEP 1 – Gather all the supplies: 1-2 Ink Refills (I used Flirty Flamingo and Highland Heather), Pearlescent Paper, Stampin’ Spritzer filled with Rubbing Alcohol, straw, and card stock. Make sure you have a well ventilated area to work in.

STEP 2 – Spritz one area of the Pearlescent Paper with alcohol several times to create a puddle, then add drops of ink.

STEP 3 – Use a straw to blow the ink and spread it around the alcohol to blend the ink colours. This is the fun part!!

STEP 4 – While the paper is wet with alcohol and ink, press a piece of card stock onto it and remove after a few seconds. 

The ink and sparkles from the Pearlescent Paper transfer to the card stock creating a beautiful background design to use for card making. Once I started making these, I couldn’t stop!!

The ink patterns are so beautiful when used as a background for a card!

Now I need to experiment with more colours and different patterns! I hope you give this technique a try, and if you do, please tag me on Instagram @ellefedynak so I can see what you create!!

Happy crafting!


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