New Product: Kids Room Art

I have been thinking about what new product to showcase for Christmas.  Lots of ideas ran through my head, but I decided to do personalized art for kids rooms.  The elements of the page stay the same, I just change the photo and name to your child.  I have a couple ready to go-one for a boy, a girl  and one for christmas, 12″x12″, printed professionally, and just needs to be put in your favorite frame.

If you are interested in ordering any of these, they are $25.00 each.  You can contact me at and I will give you all the details I need to know.  Just be sure to order before November 1, 2011 to make sure your picture is here for Christmas.

The wall art I have for the boy was inspired by this kit called “Monsters Under My Bed” by Micheline Martine of After Five Designs and I knew this would be perfect for a little boys room. (Most of the pictures in my samples are my kids, but I change up the name so I am not always making pages with Casey and Robyn on them.)

For the first girls art I had to do something pretty, pink, and flowery.  This page uses digital designs from Biograffiti with a kit called “Baby Love”.

This Christmas inspired page was actually the first one I made (since I was thinking of Christmas projects).   I used a kit that I love called “Adorned” from Paislee Press-it is a little christmassy without being over the top.  This is the only one I have framed, so I took a picture to show you what it looks like in a frame.  (Sorry for the poor photo, eventually I will get a better camera!)

I hope you like these products and I am working on more wall art sized at 8 1/2″ x 11″.   Suggestions for themes are more than welcome and if you have a specific theme you would like, just contact me at