The Beginning of Year Two

On this day last year I never imagined I would be celebrating my one year anniversary of Birdwing Paper Designs and still moving forward strongly.  To be honest, I thought I would have given up long ago!  I think it is my love of creating photobooks and knowing that there is a need to help people document the important events and everyday moments in their lives.  The photos and stories that go with them need to be shown off, not just for ourselves but for other generations to see.  This is what keeps me going.

In celebration of this big day, I thought I would give my faithful followers and friends a free 5″ x 7″ print that I created.  This print was inspired by the “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster that has become quite popular.  If don’t know the story behind the poster, here is a really interesting video about it:

There are so many parodied versions of this poster all over Pinterest and I thought, “What would my version be?”  It came to me almost instantly: Be Calm You’re a Good Mom.  You have no idea how many times a day I say this!!!  I have been wanting to print this out and I thought today would be the perfect day to share it with everyone.  I made two versions so if you would like me to send you one just leave a comment saying which one you would like.  Pleases share this offer with anyone you know who needs a little inspiration to get through the day.  Offer expires August 2, 2012.

Traditional Card One:

or Modern Card Two:

Elements from Stampin’ Up and Katie Pertiet.

This print can be framed or add a magnet to the back and stick it on the fridge.  I have the traditional card in my office to remind me that I am a good mom even though life with kids can be crazy and stressful!

In the above picture I would just like you to note my new Swarovski pen and USB stick that my awesome husband gave me for my one year business anniversary.  Now I am really ready to head into year two!!  I am very excited to see what direction my business takes this year and I am certain that it will be challenging, scary, and so rewarding.


One thought on “The Beginning of Year Two

  1. Congrats on the first anniversary of your business!! I cannot believe it has already been a year….and I still have not put my photos together for you to do a photo book. I am such a procrastinator!! It will happen! And I love your Keep Calm prints…especially your modern card 2…such a nice gift Leah! Good luck on year number 2 in business!!


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