Remembering Summer a Week at a Time

Last December I made a December Daily photobook for my kids where each page represented a Christmas tradition, decoration, or favorite moment every day between December 1-25.  I loved the idea of having them remember what Christmas was like when they were too young to remember for themselves.

This summer I am creating the same kind of photobook for all of our summer adventures, but instead of daily it documents the summer by week.  I am making this one more for me than for Casey and Robyn because I want to remember all the great places I have been with them, the people we have visited, and the fun that we had together.  Our favorite places to go are the spray park, Fort Edmonton Park, The Valley Zoo, Grandpa’s to raid the raspberries and peas, the backyard kiddie pool, and anywhere that has ice cream!  What are your favorite places to go with the kids in the summer?

Here is a peak at a few pages from the album that will document summer life from May 1 to the end of September 2012.  I hope you are enjoying your summer and are taking lots of pictures to document your summer fun!


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Elements from Retrospective by One Little Bird Designs and Stampin’ Up.


2 thoughts on “Remembering Summer a Week at a Time

  1. Leah…another great post! I don’t know where you find the time…seriously…you must create these pages during the night when every one else is sleeping :o)


    • I do some of it at night when the kids are sleeping, but most days when they have an afternoon nap I go straight to the computer to work/play. If we are out in the morning and I take some pictures I get them on the computer right away, pick out the good ones and stick them in my scrapbook folder. Most of the time I scrapbook them right away, but if I don’t, at least they are in the folder and ready to go. I hate organizing the photos so I would rather do a few at a time than wait until I have hundreds to go through. So that is where I find the time!!!


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