2012 Holiday Photocard Collection

Here they are… the 2012 Holiday Photocard Collection!

Merry & Bright:   4″ x 6″/5″ x 7″

Love and Happiness:  4″ x 6″/5″ x 7″

Elements from “Adorned” by Paislee Press

Happy New Year:  4″ x 6″/5″ x 7″

Chalkboard Christmas:  4″ x 8″

Merry Christmas:  4″ x 8″

Elements from “Retrospective” by One Little Bird Designs

All photocards are customized with your family photo(s) and message.

Receive $5.00 off each pack of cards when order is placed before October 31, 2012.

Click here for more information.

My husband really likes the Chalkboard Christmas photocard so that will probably the one I print for our family.  My favorite is Merry & Bright mostly because I love that photo of the kids.  Maybe I will have to get two different sets of photocards this year!!  What is your favorite?

If you have any questions about the photocards or ordering, please leave a comment below or email me at lfedynak@gmail.com.


Remembering Summer a Week at a Time

Last December I made a December Daily photobook for my kids where each page represented a Christmas tradition, decoration, or favorite moment every day between December 1-25.  I loved the idea of having them remember what Christmas was like when they were too young to remember for themselves.

This summer I am creating the same kind of photobook for all of our summer adventures, but instead of daily it documents the summer by week.  I am making this one more for me than for Casey and Robyn because I want to remember all the great places I have been with them, the people we have visited, and the fun that we had together.  Our favorite places to go are the spray park, Fort Edmonton Park, The Valley Zoo, Grandpa’s to raid the raspberries and peas, the backyard kiddie pool, and anywhere that has ice cream!  What are your favorite places to go with the kids in the summer?

Here is a peak at a few pages from the album that will document summer life from May 1 to the end of September 2012.  I hope you are enjoying your summer and are taking lots of pictures to document your summer fun!


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Elements from Retrospective by One Little Bird Designs and Stampin’ Up.


The Things You Say

Robyn is almost two and, at this age, she says some funny words!  In a few years I know we will never remember the way she mispronounces most of her words and this is one of the things I don’t want to forget.  So I always try to include a page in my family album about all the words they are learning when they go through this word explosion phase.

“Small Talk” from Fei Fei’s Stuff and TaylorMade Designs

It is also interesting to look back at the way Casey pronounced his words and the funny expressions he had because they are very different from Robyn.

I know I will be glad I wrote this all down in a few years!!


More samples from Two Thousand and Twelve album here.

It is not too late!

It is not too late right now, and it won’t be too late tomorrow… to start your 2012 Family Album!

Elements from Fei Fei’s Stuff and TaylorMade Designs (Small Talk), One Little Bird and Sahlin Studio (grid, lay flat to dry tag), Stampin Up (tape)

It doesn’t matter if you only took three photos last month or a hundred (I think I am at 300!) because I can change any page in this book to suit your photos.  Here are a few more samples from the February pages:

Elements from Fei Fei’s Stuff and TaylorMade Designs (Small Talk), Stampin Up (eyelet)

Elements from Fei Fei’s Stuff and TaylorMade Designs (Small Talk), Stampin Up (buttons, stitching)

So if you are still thinking about doing a family photobook and just haven’t decided yet, get your photos together and go for it!!  Next year when you receive your finished book, you will be so happy you did!



New 2012 Family Photobook

I am so happy to finally announce the new 2012 Family Photobook.  I have been searching all the great kits created by some of my favorite designers and finally chose one to use for this photobook.  It is called “Small Talk” by Fei Fei’s Stuff and TaylorMade Designs.

I love the colours in this digital kit and the element are so versatile which makes it a great choice for a full year album.  I will also be using this fantastic word art kit from TaylorMade Designs:

This is the cover page for the 2012 Family Album:

The photo for the cover page can be whatever you want it to be, but I am waiting for a great shot of our family to put on my cover!

If you are interested in having a family album for 2012, I am trying something a little different and hopefully easier for you.  We (you and I) will be working on this album every month.  At the end of each month all you have to do is email me 10-12 photos that you want in your album for that month and a short note about those photos and memories.  Here is an example:

And here are the pages that I created using the information provided and the photos:

Inside Title Page

January Page 1

January Page 2

Extra Page 1

This book will be a 38 page 10″ x 10″ photobook with custom front and back covers.  Each month will be a 2-page layout except December which will be 4 pages.  That leaves 4 extra 2-page layouts that can be used at any time you choose if you have a special event that you want to include (birthdays, anniversary, date night, vacation, etc). The book will then be printed at the beginning of January 2013.

The price will be $250.00 for the photobook.  If you would like, you can pay in full by the end of February 2012 or do two payments of $125.00 due Feb 29, 2012 and July 31, 2012.

I hope this will be a project that we can work on together and help you get your family memories organized and printed.  It is easier to go through a hundred photos every month than a thousand at the end of the year!

If you are interested in starting this photobook project or would like more information, please leave a comment or email me: lfedynak@gmail.com.

Leah Fedynak

More samples from Two Thousand and Twelve album here.