Valentines Crafts

Last year was the first time I experienced Valentine’s Day in a school setting and I was shocked!  I could not believe the candies and treats that my son brought home from playschool! All I sent with him were these cute little monster cards:


So this year, I have been thinking about Valentine’s Day for a while, probably since New Years.  I want to give more than just a little card, but I don’t want to give out candy.  I spent hours getting inspiration from Pinterest and I finally decided to make felt lollipop hearts to go with the card.  Thank goodness Casey likes them, but now I have to explain why we can’t give them out right now!.

Felt Lollipop Hearts

My first idea was actually these yarn hearts with a Valentine tucked inside.

Yarn Fortune Hearts

I love these hearts, but they were too time consuming and would not be appreciated by a bunch of 4 year olds!  I think they would be better for a husband, wife, sister, or friend.

Are you planning something crafty for this Valentine’s Day or sticking with the traditional card?


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