Simple Silhouettes

Last year I did a post about silhouettes and since then I have learned a new/better way to create them in Photoshop.  The first time I tried it was pretty much trial and error until I had something I liked.  There were a lot of errors and it took me FOREVER to make just one silhouette.  I decided to update the kids framed silhouettes using a tutorial online (just use Google to find one).   The end results this time were a thousand times better and took a fraction of the time, although Robyn’s curly hair was still quite tricky.  Here are the before photos of the kids’ profiles:


If you are asking yourself, “How do I keep my kids still long enough to take these pictures?”  As you can see, distract with food and television!

After working my Photoshop magic, here are their resulting silhouettes:


There are so many cool project ideas that can be done with silhouettes.  I love having them framed simply in black and white.

Boy Silhouette 5x5 Matte


I also experimented with shrinking the image down to one inch in size to fit on a pendant or in a locket:

silhouette jewellery

The ideas are endless for these simple silhouettes, especially once mediums other than paper are introduced, like felt, fabric, canvas, paint, etc.  I may try some more projects in the future and I will be sure to share them with you.


3 thoughts on “Simple Silhouettes

    • I haven’t made the locket yet, just the pendant. I was just looking at Shrinky Dinks on Pinterest yesterday and I may try them to get the images small enough to fit the locket. I will let you know how it works.


      • The first time I made something with Shrinky Dinks I thought I was doing it wrong because it buckled and warped….but as it “cooked” it flattened right out and was perfect.


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