New Photobooks to Share Including This Guest Book

Just when I had decided to take some time to work on improving my creative skills, orders for custom photobooks came flying in.  Isn’t that how it always happens?!  Over the next few weeks I will be sharing these books which includes a gorgeous Mexican wedding, an 80th birthday, and, as seen in this post, a modern wedding guest book.

Dana and Andy Guest Book

This guest book was designed for my husband’s cousin’s daughter (his first cousin once removed, I think) who was just married this weekend.  This was the first wedding our kids were invited to attend and I have never seen so many kids at a wedding before.  They had so much fun eating cake, picking from the candy bar, and dancing their hearts out!  On the way home, Casey asked when we are going to another wedding because it was just so much fun!!  I wish I had more photos to share, but I didn’t want to haul around my nice camera and the old camera is just so bad.  Here is one pic of the kids with the bride:

Robyn, Dana, Casey

The guest book for Dana and Andy’s wedding was inspired by their invitations and featured their engagement photos.  I used digital elements from Paislee Press, Katie Pertiet, and Stampin’ Up.

Dana and Andy Guest Book

It is so easy to create a beautiful photobook when the photos are amazing to begin with!

Dana and Andy Guest Book

Dana and Andy Guest Book

Dana and Andy Guest Book

For this guest book, I tried to leave as much white space as possible for guests to have room to sign.

Dana and Andy Guest Book

Dana and Andy Guest Book

I loved the picture on this last page and how it shows off Andy’s dance talent.  Dana and Andy have spent the last eight years travelling the world, dancing on cruise ships.  Their family is so glad they have decided to get married and, finally, stay close to home!

Next week I will show the highlights from a wedding book I designed for my sister-in-law’s best friend who was married in Mexico this spring.  It is another book full of beautiful photos and great wedding memories, so be sure to check back.



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