This Defining Moment

After Jason and I were married in November 2006 (which was a very, very cold and snowy winter day) I went straight to work on our wedding album.  I wanted to do it while it was still fresh in my mind and the details still vivid.  Back in 2006 I had yet to learn about digital scrapbooking and made my wedding album the old fashioned way with printed photos and scrapbook paper.  What a lot of work that was!!   All the cutting paper, arranging photos, printing journalling, adding little flowers, and just making it perfect.  I think it took me close to tthree months to finish it!!

I have given up on traditional scrapbooking and I am 100% digital.  I have always thought about doing another wedding album just to have it printed in a nice photobook, but it has never been a priority.  Until now!!  I have been trying to get some wedding book samples ready and found a beautiful album template from Paislee Press called Defined.  The colours were perfect for my wedding photos, so I took it as a sign that I needed to make this album right now!  So here it is, all 26 pages with photography by Jason’s sister, Amber Fedynak, and our good friend, Conrad Poirier.

(Click on the first picture to scroll through.)

An album template is much simpler to use and this book doesn’t have a lot of frills so it only took me 2 1/2 hours to complete the whole book.  I love how it turned out and I can’t wait to get it printed!


Wedding Guest Book

A girl at work, Lisa,  is getting married next year and she was asking around for ideas for her wedding.  We were talking about venues, flowers, colours, invitations, decor, etc. and I was trying to figure out how to incorporate my new photobook business into her wedding.  It finally occurred to me a few weeks later that I could make a guest book with their engagement photos (if they have any taken!) and the guests would be able to write their comments and wishes to the couple right in the photobook.  I was so excited with my idea that I designed the book in a few days but needed some engagement photos to go in it.  I called up another friend from work, Tricia, and asked if I could use hers in this sample book.  So the pictures you see are of Tricia and her now husband, Rich.  Coincidentally the photographer is also a good friend of ours at the hospital, Conrad –  Thanks for letting me use your gorgeous photos!!  And also thanks to Lisa for the inspiration – I tried to use some of the colours we had talked about, Tiffany blue and a very specific shade of red!

I am also excited to show you something new I learned while writing this blog – how to insert a slide show of all the photobook pages!

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This photobook uses my current favorite digital kit “Retrospective” from my favorite designer, Peppermint Granberg, of One Little Bird Designs.

I hope you like it!!