A Mexican Wedding

As promised last week, I am sharing another photobook that I made earlier this year.  This one was for my sister-in-law’s best friend who was married on the beach in Mexico.  It was a wedding gift for the bride and groom and incorporated professional photos along with some candid pictures taken by the wedding guests.

A Mexican Wedding photobook.

IMG_3575 copy

The backdrop for all these photos was a gorgeous sandy beach in the Mayan Riviera of Mexico.  Creating this book was like being on vacation myself as the photos were so beautiful that I could easily pretend I was there sipping a Pina Colada relaxing under a shady tree!

I tried to carry the beach theme throughout the book, but not clutter the pages to much as the  photos were the real focus.  A few different digital kits were used for this book because I just couldn’t find all the elements I wanted in one kit.  The kits included: Wedding No.1 Hand Drawn Brushes from Ali Edwards Designs, Time to Escape from Kaye Winiecki, View Finder Frames from Paislee Press, and various elements from Stampin’ Up.

IMG_3581 copy

A Mexican Wedding photobook.

The background of the above page incorporates the lyrics of “Sea of Love” which was the song playing as they walked down the aisle.

A Mexican Wedding photobook.

A Mexican Wedding photobook.

A Mexican Wedding photobook.

All that was required to make this book were digital copies of the professional photos (they had about 22) and some informal photos taken by the guests (about 40-50).  The end result was a 10″x10″ book, 26 pages of beautiful memories, and a custom designed hard cover.  This turned into a gorgeous, colourful wedding book that the bride and groom will be able to enjoy for years to come.



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