Spring Update: New Classes, Family Photo Book, iNSD

May is a busy month for me with two kids birthday parties to plan, spring yard work, and the start of soccer season.  On top of that I am keeping up to date with the yearly family photo book, designing the summer edition of Hello 2014 (that will be available for free on the BWPD Facebook page June 1), and taking two classes from Scrapaneers.

One of the classes I am currently involved with is Traci Reed’s Design Star.  I took the first one last fall and she has offered it again so I am going through all the new content to learn some new tips and tricks to designing digital kits.  It has been an invaluable class, so if you are thinking of digital scrapbook design you must check it out. The other class from Scrapaneers that just started this week is Power of the Pen Tool with Amanda Taylor.  I first learned about the pen tool in the Design Star class and found it quite tricky to use.  The pen tool is used to draw/create custom paths and shapes with Photoshop and this class is a self-paced workshop that will, hopefully, help me master this tool!  Well… probably this class and hours of practice too!!! I have also been keeping up with our monthly pages for the Fedynak family photo book.  Here are some pages from March and April using the Hello 2014 digital kits from the winter and spring editions. (The spring edition is currently available as a free download on the BWPD Facebook page.) Fedynak Family - March Fedynak Family April Fedynak Family - EasterI am really loving how the colours from this go with a variety of style of pictures, except maybe those brightly coloured easter eggs!!  I have also been choosing one are two of our favourite pieces of art from the kids to show or each page.  They get so excited when they see their art work has a special place in the photo book! Last Saturday was (inter)National Scrapbook Day and I was so looking forward to participating in a few digital scrapbook challenges, but the day just wasn’t heading in that direction for me!  This layout explains it all: (digital elements from One Little Bird, and Sahlin Studio)

The Story - layout

Well, there is a quick update on what I have been working on for the last few weeks!  Now it is time for me to tackle a few projects on that spring cleaning list while the kids are at school!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you hard working Moms!!


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