Finding New Ways to Use Old Ribbon

Do you ever find that some craft supplies just sit in a box or on a shelf and are left for years completely ignored and unused?  I tend to do that with patterned paper, buttons, and ribbon.  Ugh… ribbon… I have so much ribbon I don’t use!!  I need to find some way to use up all this outdated ribbon!  I am going to challenge myself for the next few months to use up as much of those forgotten craft supplies as I can!

The first items on the list are the rolls of Grosgrain ribbon.  I chose to start with the white ribbon because it was the easiest one to try something new: recolouring the ribbon with ink.  I simply used a sponge dauber and ink pad to rub the ink into the ribbon.

It was so quick and easy to apply the colour that I kept adding more colours until I had used all the colours of the rainbow!

What a transformation!! Now this ribbon is current and trendy!

This rainbow ribbon inspired me to make a card with a watercolour rainbow background…

… and a rainbow unicorn!

I love this rainbow ribbon so much that now I will be sad when all the white ribbon is gone!  But that’s OK, because I am just making room for all the pretty new craft supplies that will be out in Stampin’ Up!‘s new catalogue on June 4th!

Stay tuned next week for ideas to transform the coloured grosgrain ribbon.



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