The Winner of My Photobook Printer Search

When I decided to start this custom photobook company, I knew I wanted the books to be of great quality and to have an end product that I could be really proud of.  Finding the right printer was quite a challenge and I have spent the last 3 months reading reviews about photobook companies and testing out some of the favorites.  The photobook printng companies that I tried were: Inkubook, Photobook Canada, Shutterfly, Stampin’ Up, and Adoramapix.  I attempted to print with Mpix but didn’t find their software very friendly.  I won’t go into a detailed comparison but will give the links to the two reviews that helped me out: and

Once I received all the photobooks, there was one book that stood out from all the rest and also had the great feature of lay flat pages.  The winner of my photobook review was Adoramapix.

The cover is beautiful and thick, the title can be printed on the spine, the pages are like a thin board book, the software was easy to use, and their delivery time was only about 2 weeks.  (I had one company that took 5 weeks to deliver!)  The best feature was the lay flat pages.  This is especially important for scrapbooking because this means I can create a 2 page layout and not lose anything in the gutter of the book.

Now that I have seen how nice the lay flat pages are, I don’t think I could ever print a photobook without it!

All photobooks that I create will be printed through Adoramapix and if you order a custom photobook I know you will love it too!